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CNY Commercial from MCJO Academy

The multi-talented emcees in action!

In the grueling wait for the Lunar New Year, MCJO Academy has finally launched its first ever Chinese New Year commercial!

A touch of humour and picking on the most frequent asked questions from your pesky relatives of “So you not yet have gf/bf ah?” or “When are you getting married ah?” or “You’re not young anymore la want me to recommend?”.

The attack of annoying questions with a sympathetic tone seems never ending. All these are highlighted in this short commercial, satirically poking fun on renting a partner to please the ageing mother back home. By a stroke of luck and fate, God miraculously partner the main character with a sweet girl from heaven.

Well, aren’t we all waiting for a miracle to happen? Enjoy this light-hearted commercial made by our talented emcees from the academy! Have a great Chinese Lunar New Year!

Oink oink your way to wonderment!

Interested in becoming an emcee? Why not usher your new piggy year with a whole new adventure? Come over and take a look at this link and join in our MCJO Academy March Preview . Oink your way to success!



Wendy Cheong

Wendy discovered MC JO Academy in 2017 and she became an emcee ever since. Blogging her heart out about her passion and experience as an emcee gives her so much freedom in expressing herself. She enjoys learning and indulging herself in rapid aggressive challenges such as speaking in front. Spotlights and microphones are her essential accessories to make a difference on stage.

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