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Coloring Your Career

We realized one thing from most of the guests, is that almost 60% of them feel stymied by their current work and they are just working for survival.

You might be miserable, frustrated, anxious and uninspired. But you can’t just quit your current job. Or perhaps you might have the best job in the world, earning an admirable monthly salary, but sometimes, work just sucks.

The glimpse of hope and passion might just be there inside you the whole time, waiting to be reignited again. Therefore, you are reading this, in hope that perhaps the stage and microphone might give you back the will to pull it through.

Being an emcee is totally an opposite of what it is working in a grueling office life. It adds not just a sprinkle of stardom but a touch of excitement and a new paint of color that brightens your life into a whole new portrait better than the Da Vinci’s!

One of the coolest benefit in being an emcee is that you can start out small. Working on your weekends as a part-time roadshow emcee would not just lessen your financial burden but refreshing your perspective towards your ambition as well!

Our 5th Workshop had successfully organized on the 26th of May.

We aren’t just here to talk about the working time and the wages, but the satisfaction of being in the centre of attention and glam, which is what you have been craving for. To speak confidently and smile charmingly towards the applauses that are showered upon you. That….. is your bliss.

If you are happened to ponder and worry about your current job satisfaction, why not ponder upon us? We might be the paint for your drying brush and your colorless portrait. Let us give you a whole new shade of breeze and color to your emceeing career. Get started HERE !



Wendy Cheong

Wendy discovered MC JO Academy in 2017 and she became an emcee ever since. Blogging her heart out about her passion and experience as an emcee gives her so much freedom in expressing herself. She enjoys learning and indulging herself in rapid aggressive challenges such as speaking in front. Spotlights and microphones are her essential accessories to make a difference on stage.

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