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Family Day

It’s Always Better When We Are Together

In MCJO Academy, we always hold steadfast to the culture of belonging. We keep this culture of fostering a sense of belonging in every student who stepped foot in our academy.

It is relatively a haven for all graduate emcees to come back to recharge their energy and to refocus on their goals.

For those who are wondering what really happened during our Family Day , well here’s what happened!

We basically started our Family Day at 11am when everyone was fresh and energetic, looking forward to the event that was firstly ever organized by the academy. To be honest, we weren’t quite sure what to expect as the host, MCJO, didn’t reveal anything even to the staffs. So, we were quite excited about it.

To make ourselves comfortable, we had arranged our chairs in a circle around the new fluffy carpet as you can see in the picture below!

When everyone had finally arrived, Mc Jo asked us to start by sharing what had we achieved since the beginning of the year.

It was tough at first because it wasn’t easy to open up ourselves to one another. But the engine got started and every one of us poured our hearts out on our own little accomplishments and even challenges. We had created this invisible bond of understanding that everyone has their own problems that almost seem similar. The feeling that we aren’t actually alone was comforting.

Most importantly, we even shared our personal solutions on how to overcome some problems which somehow might help the other person.

Although it was just a small group,the simple gesture of sharing a hug and our feelings through the sharing session, was truly an impactful and meaningful thing to all of us.

Keeping in mind that no matter how long have we graduated from the academy, we are still a part of the MCJO Academy’s family member.

To end our Family Day with a delicious note, we ordered Domino’s pizza! The lunch was great as we hardly gather together to have a meal. The catching up, chatting and bonding were greatly enjoyed by all of us. We definitely looking forward to hosting another Family

Day three months after!

Are you interested to be part of our warm and fuzzy family? We have the perfect environment for future growth of an emcee. We can’t wait for you to be one of our family members. Our reach for a bigger family starts from your decision today. Join us, let us warm you up, from your passion to your greatest ambition. Click here for more information.



Wendy Cheong

Wendy discovered MC JO Academy in 2017 and she became an emcee ever since. Blogging her heart out about her passion and experience as an emcee gives her so much freedom in expressing herself. She enjoys learning and indulging herself in rapid aggressive challenges such as speaking in front. Spotlights and microphones are her essential accessories to make a difference on stage.

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