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OE Entrepreneur Speaker Experience

Over the years of being an emcee, attending Toastmaster’s competitions, meetings or conferences, I’ve seen many potential speakers who give their speech and left with great impact on the audience.

On 16th of December 2018, I was very honored to be part of the OE for Entrepreneurship Talk, which took place in Intercontinental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. With their topic, “将是女的辣”, it was about women empowerment and women redefining their power in building their business empires.

Aside from 5 beautiful, strong and intelligent women, I was one of the speakers too. We were there to not just celebrate women but also bringing up the confidence in every woman to step foot in becoming an entrepreneur.

It was definitely a night for women to empower other women.

It was a great opportunity for me to able to invite my dearest students as well as my own beloved mother to attend the talk. I strongly believe that through this conference, my students and my family are able to know me better as a person, a teacher, a wife and a daughter.

OE for Entrepreneurship had given me a great platform to express my emotions, my gratitude and myself as a woman entrepreneur. I would like to take that chance in hope to inspire more people to adopt the spirit of never giving up. Persistence and determination is the key to success.

By sharing my story, I hope my students are able to be inspired and encouraged during their learning journey. As I do hope that I could help them to open up their vision in life and explore on their ideas and creativity.

The core of the entire conference, was that according to the Inspirer of OE Entrepreneurship, Dato’ Calvin Khiu, he mentioned that, “every lesson that he has ever taught, it’s all about the positive values and principles. With good intentions and values, the outcome will be glorious.”

I would definitely recommend anyone to attend to this OE Entrepreneurship Conference once again. As I have mentioned in my talk, “Why shine like a star when you can shine together and be a galaxy?”

Cockroach is definitely an inspiration for me to succeed as they possess an undying determination to survive.

Written by,

MC JO (Founder of MCJO Academy)

View life as a continuous learning experience. Indeed, once you stop learning, you stop dying and a great teacher is a great learner. I have never given up in learning, at any stage of my life, I view myself as a newbie and yes, keep learning, attaining more input, more ideas and more inspiration so that my life will blossom like a fresh flower!

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