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Oh My Sawadeeka!

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

With that Thai greeting itself is obvious that we had the best times of our lives in Bangkok!

Hands down to the Super VIP Bangkok Course!

Group Photo at ICON SIAM !

Front from left : Emcee Ling, Justin, MC Alen, Emcee Jet

Back from left : MC Winnie , MC Kylie , Emcee Karen, MC Penny, MC Qoon, Emcee Wendy, Susan Law, MCJO , Emcee Renee, MC Annie, Emcee Mei, Winnie Chan, MC Amber, Vivian Lim, Emcee Vivian Lim

And I absolutely mean it ! It was incredibly good and who would have even expected that? I am still in great shock of how productive and engaging the whole course had been!

This was the very first time that MC JO Academy has taken the course out of Malaysia to the Land of Smiles – Thailand. We were there from the 2nd to 6th of December 2019.

All enrolled students have not a single idea of what to expect in this 5 days 4 nights of emceeing course. Although the itinerary had sent out to all, they had never experienced the class before.

But Bangkok VIP trip was: Amazingly. Incredible.

Here are the 4 reasons why you should be planning your leaves next year so you can join the next one.

1. You will outdo yourself.

I kid you not! In this trip itself, the students had earned themselves 2 certifications in 5 days time. We aren’t just well equipped with the knowledge needed for an emcee, we have also learnt to find our unique styles. It was truly a euphoric feeling of winning points for cheers challenge and the excitement that echoed around after each role play session.

Everyone in this Super VIP Bangkok Course gets the opportunity to experience the positivity and oomph. No matter how inexperienced you are or how fearful you are towards the stage, the few days would truly transform you into a more confident person.

2. Best Course Ever!

I know it sounds totally unbelievable but again it was! During the entire trip, I had never realized a second had gone into wastage. It was all about learning and investing in yourself. You were placed in a classroom with more than 8 hours of brainstorming. The coach was excitedly presenting in front giving her best and making sure that every single student was in line with her teachings.

If you aspire to become a professional emcee, you must take this training!

  • Learn something you can never find anywhere else.

Every single thing being taught here is all about practicality. It isn’t a spoon feeding kind of learning environment but one that focuses a lot on hands-on activity. You will even learn the insight information about the emcee industry which could seriously help immensely in your emceeing career.

  • Role Playing real situations

You will get the golden opportunity to role play an event. Be it a wedding event, annual dinner, lucky draw session, shop opening ceremony, etc. You are given a limited time to role play. The coach will give advices and criticism on the spot and brainstorming again with the fellow students. Basically, every single person in the room will have to give their comments to help improve each other.

  • Finding out your true style

As everyone is no expert in dressing up or putting on make ups, it would come in handy to have a special test to find out your personality and your inner style. That was what we had in the trip. We were able to identify our styles and able to find out what color and dresses suit us best to enhance our image.

Truth to be told, the academy really went all out in making sure every single person got the absolute best training possible. However, the academy still believe that they could make it even better. So we just cannot wait to do it again next year!

3. Make new friends and get inspired

5 days 4 nights of mingling with so many strangers and being placed in the same hotel room for this period, could you not make new friends? The experience itself was too good to keep it to yourself. Everyone was practically surrounded by laughter and wits. The opportunity to meet incredible people and get truly inspired here was remarkable. You get to learn, share, eat, drink and play together for more than 96 hours!

I spent a great time with a new friend who somehow inspired to me to work hard to what I enjoy the most. Listening to her and learning from her was something I truly appreciated to have during the journey. I hope you who are reading this would meet someone like this in the next emcee course!

4. Mouthwatering Thai food and people

Yes, you can splurge a few hundreds on a buffet at a hotel. But the food and tea breaks being served and all the Thai food during the time we stayed, was unmistakably the best. How could you not? You are practically awaken by the positive aura of those around you at 7am. The Thai food was deliciously awesome and the fact that everyone was there with their gungho energy, I couldn’t think of a better breakfast and lunch buffet. Sometimes, the best food comes along with the best company. And this one was again…the best.

In conclusion, my one last piece of advice for everyone: Join the Super VIP Course next year ! It is that good and you can totally write that down in your New Year’s resolution! Be it as a self-discovery trip or an extra skill learning opportunity. I don’t say this lightly but you know what… I am definitely having a withdrawal from all these.

Just can’t wait to see you all again in 2020 !

By the way, do give us some suggestions on where should we go next for next year! Just comment below! Cheers!



Wendy Cheong

Wendy discovered MC JO Academy in 2017 and she became an emcee ever since. Blogging her heart out about her passion and experience as an emcee gives her so much freedom in expressing herself. She enjoys learning and indulging herself in rapid aggressive challenges such as speaking in front. Spotlights and microphones are her essential accessories to make a difference on stage.

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