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Two Emceeing Tips I Wish I’d Known

It’s that time of year again: the emcee students from MCJO Academy were getting ready to present on stage, showing their best performance after 18-long weeks of lesson.

If you follow us on Facebook, you will know that we have recently shared some photos of our students taking their practical exam and they had to handle some unforeseen situations that would happen during their slot. Our piece of advice on handing event’s hiccups? Breathe in and respond naturally according to situation.

From cake collapsing to groom running to the toilet halfway during march-in, the unexpected situations are varied and it could have happened in real-life situation. Trust would.

As scary as it sounds, there are ways in handling it in the manner of a cool, calm and collected attitude. I’ve rounded up two best advices here:

1. Always Remember the Wedding Couple’s Names

You wouldn’t like it if someone mispronounces your name on your big day! It’s a once in a life event and the couple would love to have their names graciously being announced during the grand march in. So, it’s always a must for an emcee to pronounce the couple’s names correctly.

2. Test Your Microphone Beforehand

There are certain spots on stage that you need to take note on as they might be near towards the amplifiers or speakers. If the distance between the microphone and the speaker is too close, there would be an ear-piercing humming that would probably disturb the way you’re speaking on stage. Testing beforehand it’s always a good way to have a better performance on stage.

Of course, by the end of the day, what you truly need is a full preparation before the event. Getting ready before presenting will helpfully heighten up your confidence. So, the ultimate advice? Be truly prepared at all times !

Take a look at the pictures below of how our students had gone through their Practical Exam. Having them was a blessing! For that we had a graceful end for our Premium Series Wedding Emcee Course.

Our academy also took great appreciation and gratitude for the assistance of our lovely ex-students who volunteered to be our role-players. Also, we would like to thank our judges for their help throughout the event.

Thank you !

What are you hesitating on? If you have finished reading this, you are for sure to have an interest in emceeing. Join us as we believe that together, we can help you walk further into the future, shining with confidence and charming crowds with striking charisma. For more information, check out our Facebook or register yourself for a seat for our Glow From Zero Workshop.



Wendy Cheong

Wendy discovered MC JO Academy in 2017 and she became an emcee ever since. Blogging her heart out about her passion and experience as an emcee gives her so much freedom in expressing herself. She enjoys learning and indulging herself in rapid aggressive challenges such as speaking in front. Spotlights and microphones are her essential accessories to make a difference on stage.

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