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What's Going ON?!?!

How to Get Started with Emcee Vivian?

Last Saturday, our incredible MCJO Academy’s student – Emcee Vivian had given her workshop on how to kick start the emceeing career.

Determined to help out the new beginner emcees, Emcee Vivian held this workshop for a class of 14 students. Her generosity in sharing her experience, tips and skills is truly appreciated by all the attendees that day.

“I find the class very fruitful! We had so much fun that we didn’t even realize when the class is over!” said one of the students who had attended the Glow from Zero course.

The workshop was a definite success for everyone and hopefully there could be more of these workshops being held which could benefit more people.

Did anyone say EXAM??

Yes, the most exciting and nervous moment will be happening this Sunday!

Rapid heartbeat, heavy breathing and clammy hands!

All of these biological responses just for the Practical Exam. Most of our students from Premium 6 & 7 are getting ready to sharpen up their skills to perform their very best. We will be inviting a few honorable judges too ! So keep an eye on our Facebook page for more updates!

Have you ever experienced to be in a place filled with emcees?

That is what we will be doing on the 4th of May! We are going to organize our MCJO Academy’s Annual Dinner + Graduation Night! Singing performances, talent shows performed by our students, award presentation and lucky draw too will be held! It is good opportunity for all the emcees to get to know one another better and of course getting themselves staying up to date with the changes from our academy. We just can’t wait for it !

How to Get Myself into this !?

MC JO, herself is a teacher and a motivator. Throughout her emceeing career of more than 10 years, she has collected so much experiences that she couldn’t wait to share. With that in mind, that is how our 3-hour sharing session- “Conquer Stage Fright; Shine with Delight” is born. This is a great session for those who would like to step foot on emceeing and to improve their skills on stage.

Self-doubt can be troubling and it can hold you back. It is difficult to take the first step. But remember, taking one small step it’s still a win. So let’s do it together. Let us help you to celebrate your very first step. Join us now for our sharing session on 28th April 2019.



Wendy Cheong

Wendy discovered MC JO Academy in 2017 and she became an emcee ever since. Blogging her heart out about her passion and experience as an emcee gives her so much freedom in expressing herself. She enjoys learning and indulging herself in rapid aggressive challenges such as speaking in front. Spotlights and microphones are her essential accessories to make a difference on stage.

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