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Power Up Your English!

53 countries around the globe utilize English as their official language. Besides being the most widely spoken language in the world, many still have not grasped the fluency and competency of this NO. 1 international language. 

As a Malaysian, it is a great country where we embrace different languages. Thanks to our education system, most Malaysians are multilingual. It is truly a blessing and advantage for being multilingual as emcees can communicate easily and effectively. 

Despite knowing so many different languages, we have yet to master the one that is always officially used in most events- English. 

MCJO Academy is an academy where we produce the best charismatic and proficient emcees. Many of our students are professional speakers who are well aware that English plays a momentous role in the event industry. It is a language that should not be understated if you are pursuing an emceeing career. 

Many organizations are now conducting their business in English and it has become utmost vital in most events being held. If you would like to have the best respectably paid job, brushing up your English will be the greatest idea.

Power Up Your English! is a course that is specially tailored-made for all the emcees in the event industry. Our coach, Teacher Grace, uses the most essential materials and up to date methods to provide you with enriching, entertaining and engaging lessons. She utilizes a variety of resources to deliver the most consistent and structured learning experience. The course aims to prepare you with the right English skill sets to perform on stage as well as to communicate in your daily conversation and presentation. 


Equipping you to effectively perform and communicate in presentable English by mastering correct pronunciation, appropriate vocabulary, grammatically correct sentence and speech structure. Students will participate in group discussion, simulation exercises/activities/games and role-playing.

    Course Details


Duration :          9 months 

                         Every Wednesday

                         8:00pm – 9:30pm


Course Fee :     RM450 monthly

   Intensive Course

For rapid, effective and fast application!

Duration :        2 days 

                        9th & 10th May


                        16th & 17th May

Course Fee :    RM1,200


  Sign up for a Free Trial Class !!

Free trial class dates are stated as below:

3rd April 2020 

10th April 2020



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