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This Class Will Show You...

​How I Got a 48K​ Per Live Stream

And How My Students Started From 0 Profit To A Whopping 28k Per Stream

It Takes No Miracle But A Work Of A 

Great Charisma




It has always been a misconception that live streaming is about non-stop blabbing.

86% of our students admitted that this course has really opened up their eyes that live streaming can be so much different.

Going live without purpose is just a waste of time and money.



Have no idea how to do live streaming

Are You Facing These Problems Below​


Number of

views for your live stream is declining

Sales performance per live stream is dropping

Feeling nervous and have no idea what to say

No Worries !

We Will Be Your Guiding Star !

• We will guide and lead you to your very "first live stream" experience

•  MC JO who is a recognized public speaker and emcee expert for more than 10 years of stage experience shall you coach you to master the art of persuasion and developing your charisma

•  Sales Targetting System & Marketing Models



Our teaching philosophy doesn't just revolve around knowledge and techniques. We believe that having the right mindset in putting more emphasis in building personal branding, business strategies and great optimism are the ultimate ways of achieving success. We are a training centre filled with positive forces which could guarantee you to feel at ease while learning.

Let us take away those worries of yours while you enjoy your time learning with us!

  1. YOUR VERY FIRST LIVE STREAM will definitely happen! You will learn how to share your live and market your business through live streaming.


  2. How to effectively plan your live stream content, building your fan page and make sure that you are able to discover your business positioning.

  3. The power of promoting and announcing your scheduled live stream to attract your targeted audience and generate CRAZY revenue!

  4. Building and discovering your very own personal live streaming style that can make you stand out from the rest.

  5. Creative interactions with your audiences, making them blown away by surprises to stay on your live stream, so eventually they will give you the confidence and support for each of your live stream. 

  6. Checklist to make sure you prep well before the live stream and how to create different backgrounds to attract viewers (this has helped MANY to engage viewers at all times!)     

Here's What You Will Be Getting


What You Will Learn


  1. How to attract audience to watch your live stream. 

  2. How to make your audience stay on through your live and be your customers. 

  3. A full checklist for pre-, post- and during- for your live stream.

  4. Creating a fulfilling content that can educate and entertain audience at the same time.

  5. Live Stream Charisma – Improve the power of persuasion in terms of selling product  

  6. Live Stream Copywriting – Personal copywriting style that makes you stand out from others

  7. Live Stream Positioning  – Discovering your position and branding
    (We have 104 different styles for you to learn!)


  8. How to increase your fan base and make them your customers!



  1. You want to sell your products like crazy make great profits! 

  2. You want to make yourself notable and distinguish yourself as a professional. 

  3. You have a fear of speaking in front of the camera.

  4. You can't figure out how to bring out values and knowledge in your live stream.

  5. You are getting tired of seeing the views declining each time.

  6. You always experience dead air in your live stream.

  7. You want to make your live stream a more eye-capturing experience to engage your viewers. 


This Class Reveals...


Live Stream Positioning
Discovering your business positioning in the market 
  • Understanding your audience's position
  • Discover your product's position
  • Identify one's own personal position
Live Stream Entertaining Content 
Create valuable knowledge which educates and entertains
  • 12 different HOT topics 
  • Eye-capturing copywriting for your live stream
  • 104 types of sales-driven content
Sales Traffic
Attract your fans' attention for sales success
  • The prime of a good marketing
  • Lucky draw strategy
  • Igniting the desire to buy
Actionable Sales Formula
Establishing trust and confidence
  • How to increase your confidence 
  • How to schedule and promote live stream
  • Structuring a live streaming marketing strategy
Live Stream Charisma
How to sell in live stream
  • Make your viewers stay till the end
  • The art of Live streaming charisma
  • Deploy this step-by-step guide in your live

  • Master Graduate in USM 

  • Studied Information technology at USM

  • Professional Emcee since 2009

  • Founded MC JO Academy in 2016

  • The Malaysia Book of Records for Most Number of Emcee Graduates From an Emcee Academy 2020

  • Trained more than 300 students in live streaming since March 2020

  • Malaysia's 1st Virtual Wedding Service Provider 2020's event

  • 2017 International Speech & Table Topics Champion (Chinese)
    Toastmasters International


  • Britishpedia featuring “Successful People in Malaysia"​


About The Speaker

MC JO (Emcee | Coach)







Possessing a Skillful Speaking Skill Is Going To

Bring Out the Value Of Your Products

4-Day Live To Win Course

Date : 25 February 2022  8pm - 10 pm

          26 - 27 February 2022 10am - 6pm

Course Content

-    Revealing the simplicity of live streaming

-    Understanding the 5W1H concept

-    Identifying the goals of your live 

-    Discovering the values of live stream

-    Role Playing

-    How to go live using mobile phone

-   Creating Eye-Catching Headlines

-   Content Structuring

-   Role Playing
-   How to go live using laptop

-    4 types of live stream positioning: Discovering one's market value

-    Record breaking sales strategies
-    3 Strategies for Sales Traffic
-    3 Major Steps of audience interaction
-    Live Streaming Sales Script
-    10 Things to do Before Live Streaming

-    Role Playing

-    Broadcasting Hard & Fast Rules
-    Powerful Previews

-    Short film marketing

Course Modules



  Q1: Will we get notifications/reminders before the webinar starts?

         All notifications and reminders will be sent out to registrants through Telegram. Please download the app             in  your mobile as soon as you have made your purchase.

  Q2: What if I couldn't make it to the webinar?

          As we have many group activities, you are advised to inform us earlier so that we could make the proper                arrangement for the class. Your session will be made forward and you shall be informed about the next                  Webinar's date. 

  Q3: What should I prepare for the webinar? 

         Our webinar is conducted through Zoom and most of our notifications and reminders are sent through                 Telegram. So please download the Telegram app and do make sure to have a stable connection throughout           the class.

  Q4: Is there any free revision? 

         We provide lifetime free revision and will provide a revision link (which lasts for 24hours) of the daily class             in a private group.

  Q5: Can I register for one and ask my friends to join the class with me? 

         Only one registrant is allowed to log into the Zoom Meeting and only one person is allowed to take part in           the role play and homework submission during the 4-day-course.

MC JO Academy

梦想崛起 就在这里!

Live to Win

📆25 Feb 2022         (8pm – 10pm)

📆26-27 Feb 2022    (10am – 4pm)


OBS Studio

📆5 Mar 2022

10am – 12pm



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