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Vocal Class 

Intake: random walk in

Duration: continuous 

Day/Time: every Tuesday, 8pm - 9.30pm

Understanding that emcee’s ability to influence, inspire, engage and connect with people depends highly on vocal quality, to complete the learning cycle for students, we organize Vocal Training Class to enable students to speak and sing impactfully. 

Voice, as much as an art as a skill, is the most important instrument for emcees that needs training and practice so it can continuously improves. You need these skills when you speak professionally on stage. This can be improved via singing training which helps to express yourself more effectively on stage. Using and projecting your voice in the right way is also essential to build up stamina and avoid detrimental habits such as overuse, overstretching, shouting, and coughing which can strain and impair your voice.

Students get to learn the fundamentals needed to overcome various vocal problems often encountered, together with techniques and the nuts and bolts to support their voice as a healthy and powerful speaking and musical instrument. 

As a whole, they learn to explore their voice, improve and take care of its quality and develop their style.

This is a favourite program as students learn and enjoy singing at the same time, discovering the secret of their vocal power and magic their voice can create.  

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